I appreciate Debbie for the knowledge she brings to our yoga practice. There is a depth and variety to her instruction that I am grateful for. She has invited me to make the slightest adjustments in positions that have proven beneficial to me, individually. I love yoga and her influence in my practice is encouraging!
Nancy M, Cambria, CA

I've been doing yoga for almost forty years and I have greatly enjoyed Debbie (Rudolf) Stevens' approach to leading a yoga class. She is so knowledgeable, and communicates so well, tailoring the asana to your particular body and soul.  She speaks softly and with authority,  and I'd rather listen to her than anybody!
Therry N-S, Roanoke, VA

Debbie Stevens has established such a reputation associated with her name and the yoga center.  In the community, and online...That's something no one else around here can match because of  her time and experience...
Vanessa B, Salem, VA

I had practiced yoga on and more off for 20 years, but when I started with Debbie I learned to not compete--with my former self or other students. I tell my OT patients frequently about the benefits of taking yoga classes by someone who cares about the student , and to avoid taking a class from someone who is just there to "teach a class". Debbie makes yoga safe, comfortable, fun, and a valuable part of my week. When I miss--it isn't the same.
Carrie F, Roanoke, VA

Yoga with Debbie has been a great experience.  I believe Debbie is the most knowledgeable yoga teacher I have ever known and I've been doing yoga for almost 20 years. I also like that she is always expanding, exploring to discover new ways to approach yoga, that may actually be very, very old ways of approaching yoga.
Susie S, Roanoke, VA

I have been enjoying yoga for several years - the majority of them with Debbie in her classes - particularly the "gentle yoga".  As the years go by I am experiencing aches and pains in my neck, back and knees and have found that yoga improves many of these issues - especially if I do yoga consistently.  I try to make it a habit to practice at home as well when I am watching tv - the strengthening and stretching seems to be help.  Debbie is a great teacher and does not push you to do poses that are not good for you, but to listen to your body and what it needs.  The quiet time at the end of class is a great way to unwind and relieve stress.
Ann S, Roanoke, VA

I have been taking yoga with Debbie for about 4 years and started with her beginner's class to refresh my memory, relearn the basics, become more confident, decrease stress, ease a few aches and pains, strengthen muscles, and improve my flexibility and balance. Every class was just what I needed and I have continued to try different levels of instruction. Debbie's delightful wit, yoga spirit, and lightness reaffirms that she genuinely cares about her students as much as she cares about what she teaches. Her deep knowledge of yoga, experience, yoga skills, and mindfulness are reflected in her classes through her spirit, energy, and compassion. There has been a balance in the classes so that it's not boring for the more experienced or too challenging for someone just starting. In her classes, she brings awareness to the present while we are relaxing our bodies, calming our minds, and focusing on our inner beings. Through proper positioning or suggesting alternative positioning, keeping us in tune with our breathing, using some strength building poses, and encouraging connection between body, mind and spirit, I would feel energized and refreshed at the end of a session. Thank you and Namaste, Debbie
Mary H, Salem, VA

Attending Debbie’s yoga classes has given me my flexibility back!  I enjoy practicing yoga with her other students; it encourages me to try a little harder and hold a pose a little longer.
Peggy B, Blue Ridge, VA

I am in my ninth year of yoga with Debbie, and all my family members and close friends agree with me that taking yoga has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.  I had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia many years before and felt I had lost so much of myself, especially my physical abilities.  I was having extreme difficulty just getting up and down, especially if I were attempting to get up from the floor.  I was not willing to let the problem progress and began thinking about giving myself yoga classes as a gift for my approaching birthday.  A week or so before my birthday, I was visiting a friend who was 90 at the time and who had always been an inspiration to me.  When I asked how she had retained her good health and wonderful agility, she demonstrated what she can do as a result of taking yoga classes at the Glebe where she resides -- she kicked her leg over my head!  That was a Thursday.  I signed up for yoga classes with Debbie on Friday!  My friend is still kicking high at 99, and I now feel I have much of my old self back.

And there is something that Debbie does at the beginning of each class that is such a blessing for any student who might be having physical issues -- she asks if anyone has a certain concern that day or a problem that affects his or her movement.  She then gives personal instructions, or modifications for the poses, for all who have indicated extra attention would be appreciated.  I NEVER leave class feeling my personal issues were not addressed, and I ALWAYS feel better than when I arrived!  Thank you, Debbie!
Beth B, Roanoke, VA

I highly recommend Debbie Stevens and 108 Yoga Works. Our whole family has enjoyed practicing yoga with Debbie for  ten years (maybe longer). She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, perceptive, and positive about all aspects of yoga, and offers such a great variety of classes and times. Yoga with Debbie is a wonderful way to begin or end your day!
Karen B, Roanoke, VA

I've known Debbie Stevens and taken yoga classes from her for many years. I have always found her to be a knowledgeable, caring, gentle instructor, who is quite attuned to the needs of a student's body. She listens and hears better than any other instructor I've had, which makes me feel safe in attempting new poses.

I've taken classes with other instructors, but I always come happily back to Debbie whenever I can.
Sallee E, Roanoke VA

If you are looking for good and easy to follow instruction, assists with props, allowing time to get into proper alignment, joining the breath with movement, wisdom to know how to change poses to fit your body’s particular needs, Debbie’s Hatha Yoga will exceed your expectations.  Debbie is an excellent yoga instructor.
Maureen G, Roanoke VA

Yoga helps to keep my back in good shape. I do a lot of gardening and other yard work where I'm always bending, lifting, etc. Yoga (and Debbie) also remind me to take care of "me"!
Linda M, Roanoke, VA

I have taken yoga classes for many years from a variety of teachers. Debbie is the best. During her weekly class, I am the beneficiary of her compassionate approach, her interest in her students as individuals, and her deep knowledge of mind, body, and spirit. She has helped me keep my own mind, body, and spirit integrated, for which I am especially grateful during stressful times. 
Jean H,  Roanoke VA

I particularly value Debbie's considerable teaching experience and as well as her training in the Kripalu tradition with respect to the body's limitations. In yoga class the teacher serves as primary guide in placement of body, breath and mind. I need to be able to trust that guidance.
Julie J, Salem, VA


I really liked it. It was neat to have people in the video using the brick. – Laurie B, Roanoke VA
It’s the next best thing to Debbie being here. - Theresa W, Roanoke, VA
Like sitercize, it helped us do the same things every time. - Laurie B, Roanoke, VA
It has a peaceful setting. – Laura N, Roanoke, VA
Well done – Angie P,  Roanoke, VA


I've had numerous opportunities to take Debbie's yoga class when she is a guest instructor in Cambria, CA. I love that her classes can be taken by all levels. I always have a great yoga workout, leave feeling energized and refreshed. I think the entire class would agree. She is a popular guest instructor.

I also have Debbie's DVD (Yoga for Everyone) for my home practice. It's a wonderful backup for a busy day.
Lori R, Cambria, CA

Highly recommend: As a business owner, it is very important to find a life balance with work and honoring your health. Debbie Stevens has helped me find my path to doing just that. I use her video, Yoga for Everyone at least 2 / 3 times per week to just get the day started. It gives me the energy I need to stay focused and most important brings a smile to my face to know that I have taken time for me. Thank you for being part of  my wellness.  Cost: PRICELESS!
Juli A, Cambria, CA


I have had numerous private sessions with Debbie. Depending on how my body felt and what my mood was, Debbie would perfectly tailor yoga positions to fit my needs for the day. I also enjoy her classes and the positive energy of other students. I highly recommend Debbie's individual or group classes!
Amy Jo W, Roanoke, VA

Debbie is my favorite Yoga teacher in Roanoke!  Her gentle, supportive approach helps me to drop deeply into a state of relaxation and release.  She helped me to design a holistic yoga practice that perfectly fits my unique needs.
Susan O, Roanoke, VA

Early in the summer, I had knee surgery.    I knew this would impact my yoga practice so I got some private help from Debbie Stevens.   After we talked over what my goals were and settled on a place to work, she began helping me plan how I could do an asana practice while not putting weight on my knee.   We went over a variety of postures designed to work both my body and my limbs.   I was very stiff from the surgery.   Debbie has a wonderful, low-keyed approach and can dig down into her storehouse of yoga information and find a variety of things to teach.   She patiently taught me several postures for a home practice.  It was immensely helpful   and made a big difference in my practice at home.
Virginia B, Roanoke, VA


When I started Foundations yoga with Debbie Stevens in May of 2015, I had never taken a yoga class before.   I had tried yoga on my own but never with an instructor who could tell me if I was doing the poses correctly.   I decided to purchase some classes because I needed an outlet for some of the stress I was facing.  Since taking her classes I have felt more relaxed and feel that I can handle challenges better than I had been able to previously.   I have more energy, my posture has improved and I don’t feel like I have a ton of weight hanging on my shoulders.   I feel much healthier and overall I feel better than I did before the classes.  I have found that I have more focus, I can quiet my mind and use breathing techniques that Debbie has taught in class to calm myself when I start to feel overly stressed.   I also found I was doing some of the poses wrong and realized I wasn’t always remembering to breathe!  The classes have been a rewarding experience, I highly recommend them.
Carol A,  Roanoke, VA


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