I offer classes accessible to all levels, using a blend of styles and techniques that have sustained me through the years of my practice and teaching of yoga. I teach you the basic postures, breathing & yoga principles so you may move on to any level or any style of yoga.

I also offer special classes with a particular focus, such as: Restorative Yoga, Yoga and Wine, Yoga for the Back, 5 Tibetans Yoga, and Yoga for the Chakras.


This class incorporates movements and gentle flows designed to stretch and strengthen muscles, and open and create space in the joints. Body alignment is emphasized in the postures, while breath work completes the practice by increasing circulation and decreasing stress. It works well for anyone desiring a slow, mindful practice.

This is a good class for beginners and seniors, as well as seasoned practitioners. You work at your own pace and level. I offer modifications and hands on assists as needed.

This class meets Wednesdays 5:00 - 6:00 PM at Fitness for Life, Bridge Street, Cambria, CA beginning January 2017.

$10 to drop in. See calendar for updates.



Hatha means a mix of the sun and the moon, or uniting the body and the mind, while focusing on the more physical aspects of a yoga practice. It can also mean a mixture of different styles of yoga. In these classes we will combine Kripalu style yoga with flow and Yin and some restorative yoga to find new health in your body/mind! This class includes stretching and strengthening muscles, breathing and posture practice. Some postures will help lubricate your joints, helping them move more freely. You will leave class feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated!

These classes meet Sundays 8:30-9:30 am and Mondays 6:00-7:00 pm.

$10 to drop in. See calendar for updates.



This class blends the two energies of Yin-the cooler, more inwardly focused practice with the more active and warmer practice that characterizes Yang. The result? Your muscles and your joints receive the work for a total new you!

Yang practice is moving, working muscles and bones. Yin practice involves stillness, holding postures longer than usual to affect the joints and deep connective tissues. Most postures practiced in a Yin way are seated, on the belly or lying down, and many are forward folds, contrasted with standing postures practiced in a Yang way.

Not for beginners, please. It may be helpful if you have a foundation in yoga practice, or meditation or even the martial arts.

See calendar for when class is offered


In these clases I offer you the opportunity to restore yourself, body and mind. We do this by holding postures longer with lots of supports: blankets, blocks and my loving hands and voice leading you. We may have some gentle movement, Yin Yoga poses, and/or Hanna Somatic yoga therapy techniques as well. Hanna Somatics are used to help alleviate chronic tension and pain. Treat yourself!

See calendar for dates of these special classes.

Contact Debbie at

Yoga and Wine / YOGA and beer

Yoga with Debbie Stevens

Look for these fun events in new venues on the left coast!
Check calendar for dates!


These sessions are good for anyone who is uncomfortable or not ready to join a group class. Some students want to create a home practice, tweak an existing one, or get feedback whether they are doing poses correctly. If you have a particular body complaint, or are recovering from surgery or illness, a private class may help you feel more comfortable in your body and mind, while giving you tools to regain strength, flexibility, balance and focuse.

One hour in length. Cost is $60 for one session. Buy 3 and pay $150. Call or email Debbie to schedule. 540-798-8416 or


Treat yourself to yoga for relaxation, to be supported by props, such as blankets, bolsters, and blocks, as well as my guidance. You may have a special concern in your body/mind you want to address.

One half hour in length. Cost is $30. Call or email Debbie to schedule. 540-798-8416 or


In this session, we focus on relieving chronic tension, and alleviating pain through the use of Hanna Somatic Yoga Therapy. Practice yoga with support, assists and encouragement to change habitual patterns. You will receive techniques you may use at home. Breath is an integral part of this practice.

45 minute session: $45 or one hour session for $60. Call or email Debbie to schedule. 540-798-8416 or


If you are new to 108 Yoga Works, please complete the HEALTH HISTORY/WAIVER FORM prior to your first class.
For ongoing weekly classes, just show up with cash or check. For special classes/workshops, please register at least 3 days before the class by texting or emailing Debbie and paying with cash or check at the class.