Q: What do I wear to yoga?

A: Anything stretchy or loose. Comfortable clothing. Feel free to wear layers, and socks.

Q. When should I eat?

A: Good question! Allow at least an hour after eating a meal before practicing yoga. You may find you are more mindful about eating after your class as well.

Q. What do I bring to a class?

A: A yoga mat, if you have one. If you have needs for your neck, a small pillow may be helpful. We have blankets, blocks & straps available for you to use at Fitness for Life. For 50 Plus class, please bring a mat and a yoga strap.

Q: What do I do when I arrive for class?

A: Come in quietly and set up your space. Find the props you want. You may want to sit or even lie down and begin quieting your mind as well as your body. Yoga is a time for releasing and relaxing apart from your everyday life.

Q. What should I expect after practicing yoga?

A: Drink plenty of water. You may feel sore the next day, after using muscles in a different way. You may want to practice any pose or breathing technique that really worked for you again, at home, before your next class.

Q. How often should I practice?

A: Three times a week is good. Begin with once a week and see what evolves. Go easy on yourself. Yoga is a time to let go of the stress in the rest of our world, including pushing ourselves.

Q: What class is right for me?

A: You are always welcome to call me to chat about this. My classes are geared to whoever shows up. Yoga for You focuses on the individual and her or his needs. 50 Plus Yoga is geared to those of us over 50, and begins and ends seated in a chair. For standing postures, the chair is there for support but you don’t have to use it.

Q: Do men come to yoga classes?

A: Yes they do. Historically yoga was taught by men to male students. Today we have more women in classes, but men do come and receive benefits as well as women.

Q: What is the range of ages in your classes?

A: Typically my students are 50’s and up. That’s about when we realize we need to do something to combat the effects of aging! All ages of adults are welcome to join my classes. Sometimes even 14 year olds are interested in trying out yoga. Younger students need movement, strength and flexibility too!

Q: Is yoga Doctor recommended?

A: Many have come to yoga as a referral from a doctor, therapist or chiropractor. Doctors recommend it to stretch, move & maintain mobility. Yoga is good for back issues. Yoga may help in the healing process after injury or surgery. It is also helpful as a way to be the best you can be prior to surgery.

One of my long-time yoga students is a family practitioner who recommends yoga to his patients. He even shows them how to do cow and cat so they can help their backs at home!

Q: Is meditation a part of the class?

A: We begin with meditation, a centering of the mind and breath, and often end with a seated meditation as well. That was the original intention of working the body in the yoga postures, so you could sit comfortably to meditate.

Q: What styles of yoga do you teach?

A:My first training is in Kripalu Yoga. This style is very gentle with attention to how the body is feeling and designing your yoga practice around that. Breathing is also a big piece of that yoga picture.

I also love Yin Yoga which works the joints, allowing them to become juicier and healthier by staying in yoga postures longer than usual while the muscles are relaxed.

And I like Vinyaysa, which means flowing, and moving in and out of postures with attention to the breath. Most importantly perhaps, is Restorative Yoga, which invites the body/mind to relax completely while fully supported by props. I love this style and think we all need it!

Q: What benefits will I receive by practicing yoga?

A: How much time do you have? Seriously, yoga helps us become more flexible, while it strengthens muscles and improves balance and focus. Yoga helps with any breathing challenges, and lowers blood pressure, calming the body & the mind. It reduces stress, and helps us maintain flexibility as we age.

Q: I’m a bit shy about being in a group class with other students who know what they are doing. What would you recommend for me?

A: Feel free to honor yourself by seeing me in a private hour long yoga session. We can meet your needs and then you may move on to a group class, or stay with privates.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Yoga is about reclaiming yourself. We combat stress, release toxins, relieve aches and pains, and release “stuff” (“sludge” some call it) that we carry around with us, so we leave the mat feeling relaxed, refreshed and energized!

Namaste ~ The light in me bows to the light in you


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