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You can find me teaching yoga around Cambria, CA beginning December 2017! I have relocated to the Central Coast and so look forward to all the new experiences and people to teach yoga to! 

Previously I had a yoga studio in Roanoke, VA for 13 years, and then I downsized and moved to another space for 3 more years. I found I was teaching many classes while managing teachers, schedules and all the other "stuff" that accompanies running a business. I just want to teach yoga! So I downsized again, so it was only me teaching a few places around town. 

Now I have moved from my home of 30 years, and seek places to teach groups as well as private yoga sessions. I also love Seniors and enjoy teaching at Independent Living centers. I have been known to teach corporate yoga as well. 

I renamed my business of yoga in 2017. Now it is 108 Yoga Works. 108 is an auspicious number in yoga, as well as being a symbol of coming to completion and therefore giving your best effort. I think there are 108 reasons to practice yoga. Yoga has endured for thousands of years because it works!

With this simple name change, I find myself returning to the simplicity of doing what I love: teaching yoga. I am also returning to be an “itinerant” yoga teacher, teaching at many different locations instead of one central place. Stay tuned to the calendar so you don’t miss any yoga classes!

Yoga invites us to observe the arising and passage of sensations, thoughts and emotions like clouds within the all-embracing sky of awareness.

So if you love yoga, or don’t yet know if you love it, I would be happy to have you join me on this journey. Contact me by calling 540-798-8416 or email me at I hope to see you on the mat!


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